CuteCars App is in Final Testing Phase

CuteCars lives at (not yet active). Works like a store app, with no need to download. Magic! Superior features include one-page search, swipe, videos, maps, booking calendars, comments, direct call and messaging notifications.

Driver Services (No Commission Fees)

CuteCars is an advertising platform where drivers get gigs directly from the public, without paying commission fees. We help drivers and customers build relationships without middlemen.

It’s the vehicle that is advertised in the location it is found. Any commercially insured vehicle of any age, anywhere may be offered at rates set by the owner. Includes car, bus, shuttle, limo, van, and truck services. No bikes.

CuteCars moderates access and behavior while playing no role as an employer. We are an ad listing platform. All driver services get a free trial period. Make money on us!

We Need Test Drivers!

CuteCars wants 50 drivers with vehicles as launch beta testers. To qualify you need commercial vehicle insurance or rideshare insurance/ endorsement covering periods 1,2 and 3. We’ll give you 6 months free ad listings and a unique id # to promote on social media, to help bring you gigs directly. We will also promote your driver service via our numerous social media channels. Get a jump start on your competition!

Please fill in the form so we may contact you when we are ready. Thanks in advance.

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CuteCars Staff