Anthony ToddCuteCars is owned and operated by Anthony Todd, Caribbean Business Brokers, English Harbour, Antigua and Barbuda (Contact Us).

CuteCars was designed and built with the help of extremely skilled international partners. We are now recruiting Antigua and Barbuda and will soon add jobs in Tampa, Florida (Jobs).

Please enjoy CuteCars App at CuteCars App is a progressive web application, built in Angular, and hosted on the Google Firebase platform. Superior features include one-page elastic search, swipe, maps, videos, booking calendars, comments, direct call and chat.

Driver Services is our first category. Our mission is to free drivers from commission fees, while giving customers choice, value and security. It’s a win-win situation achieved by removing the middlemen. CuteCars is moderated platform. We intend to build a great community. Why not be part of it?

CuteCars is a technology company. This is just the beginning. We are working on bots, apps, languages, blockchain and other wizardry. The next categories are cars-for-sale and car rentals. Keep coming back.

CuteCars is bootstrapped. Startup Investors who understand and appreciate the potential of our business model are invited to contact us (Investors).