Who is CuteCars?

Anthony ToddCuteCars is owned and operated by Anthony Todd, Caribbean Business Brokers, English Harbour, Antigua and Barbuda (Contact Us).

CuteCars was designed and built by extremely skilled international partners. We are now recruiting in Florida, Puerto Rico and Antigua and Barbuda (Jobs).

We are developing CuteCars App and platform further with technologies like A.I bots, chatbots, loyalty reward tokens/ cryptocurrency and blockchain. The aim is to build a free and low cost ad platform with features to help our customers buy, sell, own, rent, share, use, engage, earn and enjoy automobiles.

CuteCars is seeking well-recognized Startup Investors who understand and appreciate the potential of our business model to contact us (Investors).


What is CuteCars App?

CuteCars is an automotive advertising platform serving 4 major car and mobility services markets.

  • Car Sales- p2p sales, dealers inventory
  • Car Rentals- p2p, car club, agencies and independents
  • Rideshare Drivers- private drivers direct to riders
  • Commercial Drivers- from limo to backhoe

On CuteCars the owner posts a free or paid showcase advert, also known as a listing, of the car with service offered. It’s always the actual vehicle shown. While this is normal with vehicle sales we are introducing this relatively new concept to all rental cars, private rideshare drivers and commercial drivers. We allow all ages of roadworthy cars and trucks, but no bikes. Rental, rideshare and driver services vehicles must be commercially insured with liability coverage, and road legal where offered. CuteCars never charges commission. It’s a free or low cost monthly advertising service. The CuteCars marketplace is at https://cutecars.mobi
phone shot
CuteCars is a rare bird indeed- a progressive web application found at a website address. What this means is that it’s a mobile web application that has similar functions to an Android or iPhone store app but requires no download. For the geeks it’s a PWapp, app-shell, built with an Angular JS framework and hosted with Google’s Firebase services.

The CuteCars functions are great and numerous. Adding cars to sell or rent is easy and FREE! Take a few pictures with your phone, add a description and you’re done. Buyers call or message you when they are interested in a viewing. Search is a one page geo-location setting. In the card view you swipe right to see all the all cars near you. Switch to map view when you like. Find a car you like and click once for the car details page from where you call or message the seller. QED.


Why CuteCars ?

Message from the Founder:

“I looked around and found the  majority of online car sites unappealing. I had a few ‘what if?’ moments. What if I could design an attractive app that could appeal to women and the mobile-first millennial generation? What if I could bring free ads like craigslist to Mobile? What if I could speed up the app with swipe like tinder? Why not enable direct calls between buyer and seller? Why not let then buyer and seller chat directly. I could find no reason not to.

I was going to build Android and iOS apps and put them in the Google and Apple Stores. I kind of resent the monopoly they have and the large commission Apple would take for every app purchase. Then I found out about progressive web apps and the sobering fact that people now had app fatigue. Most people don’t even download an app a month!

Car Ownership is changing and the CuteCars marketplace will reflect the changes. That’s why I am including everyone in cars for sale, rental cars, rideshare and driver services on a first class, mobile-first, community monitored platform.

To boost platform use car for sale ads are always free. Sellers can upgrade to include video and be promoted. Car dealers can offer inventory feeds under the same format at $1 per car per month. Searchers can choose to include private and/or dealers results.

I am aiming to improve car rentals by allowing anyone to advertise individual cars for rent by hour, day, week or month. Cars must be commercially insured with liability coverage, and road legal in their jurisdictions. Unlike  Turo and Getaround we do not charge commission. The advertising fee is usually US$ 25 per month, unless discounts apply. The beauty of our model is that the car you see is the car you rent, prices are transparent, you can rent cars of all ages including classics and exotics, adequately insured, often with delivery and collection services. Owners and renters develop relationships online by direct call and chat. Payments take place offline. Comments moderation weeds out the baddies.

For driver services and ridesharing I took the same approach of offering a car-centric service. Any roadworthy vehicle of any age can be offered per hour, day, week or month with driver. Commercial insurance with liability coverage is required. Owners and cars must be legal to operate. Drivers and riders are encouraged to develop relationships for repeated engagement. Payment takes place offline. Unlike Uber and Lyft we do not charge commission. The advertising fee is usually US$ 25 per month, unless discounts apply. We pay attention to comments to ban bad drivers and riders.

CuteCars is going to be accessible from  chat platforms in 2019. Plenty more is planned to create a wonderful user experience, some of which will remain private for now.

Please help us take on the big guys by talking about us, spreading the word and letting us know when we muck up! ”


Anthony Todd