One startup contends that the drivers are being exploited by rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft charging outrageous commission fees on fares. While the actual share the transportation network companies take of fares is hidden most industry observers believe the average is above 25%.

CuteCars logo“Fees that TNC’s charge drivers are outrageous and add a burden to the public because they hike prices up. Some full time drivers pay over a $1,000 a month in commissions. Our private driver advertising model costs $25 a month and it’s free to start. We never charge commission fees, ” says CuteCars CEO Anthony Todd.

Weaning Drivers Off Rideshare Networks

TNC companies like Uber and Lyft send drivers with vehicles in response to on-demand requests for trips. The rider has no choice in the driver or vehicle and the price is set online and paid directly to the TNC.

CuteCars works differently. Drivers with vehicles advertise directly to the public. Passengers can choose the vehicle and driver they want for regular and one-off gigs. Drivers are encouraged to offer a variety of services with different vehicles for commuting, mom’s taxi, shopping, date night classics, and weekend trips. Actually, CuteCars allows ads of every type of car, van, and truck service, except for bikes.

On CuteCars it’s the vehicle that is offered at the location it is found. Any driver service vehicle with driver or crew can be offered including private cars, limos, taxis, buses, delivery vans, furniture vans, tow trucks, medical services, and haulage. Drivers have to set transparent rates and receive phone calls and chat messages. There are no links or forms allowed.

No MiddlemenDrivers are given a CuteCars unique id # to convert passengers and friends. The number is useful on social media channels and gives customers direct access through search. CuteCars also promotes selected driver services to boost usage.

A Win-Win Solution

CuteCars claims it’s a win-win solution for drivers and passengers. Drivers get regular work from passengers that appreciate service. A passenger can be yours for life. The driver keeps all of the fare. In time the driver can avoid undesirable passengers on on-demand apps and have much better working conditions.

Passengers try out new drivers and find the perfect fit for regular rides. They can choose vehicles they really want to be driven in. Drivers begin to understand their needs, like knowing when to talk or keep quiet. Drivers offer a door to door service and usually get booked by the hour, allowing more flexibility.

Because there are no restrictions on car age a rider can get an older model at a better price. For date night a couple might choose a classic car or convertible to take them for a sunset cruise and drop them off at a fancy restaurant. Going out on the town? Passengers can club together and find a party bus or people carrier.

Safety for women is greatly increased with a regular driver. Even more so when kids are involved. CuteCars encourages female drivers to list vehicles as Mom’s Taxi to help transport kids to school and extra mural events. Older folk may be more comfortable with older drivers. Some drivers will even take passengers shopping on Saturday morning, collect dry cleaning and do other driving related chores on the hourly rate.

The Millennial generation are not crazy about corporations. Many are excited that the middleman is taken out of the equation. CuteCars is a direct driver to passenger service and does not accept payments or employ drivers.

Moderating Access and Behavior

Just Good VibesDespite being an ad listing platform CuteCars moderates access. Drivers need to have appropriately insured vehicles with passenger liability coverage, roadworthy, permits and permissions, and a clean drivers record. Records are checked.

Customers are continually advised to do added due diligence, especially where minors are transported. CuteCars encourages using female drivers for child transportation while advising against using the service being used for children under 6 years old without an adult passenger.

Every car detail page has a comments section where passengers can comment about the service. Drivers who have dirty cars and turn up late risk looking bad or even being suspended. However, CuteCars promises to ban abusive and badly behaved passengers too.

Only members can contact other members. Phone numbers and emails are hidden. Logs are kept and members are cautioned to be civil in conducting business, or excluded from the service. CuteCars hopes the strict policies will create a vibrant community of drivers and customers, rather than letting a few spoil it for the many.

” On CuteCars we expect Drivers to act like businesses and take care of their own affairs. Drivers are expected to be correctly insured, permitted and accept credit cards. If they want to prosper they will need to take care of their customers well. We don’t want to be the biggest private driver community. We want to be the best,” concludes Anthony Todd.

About CuteCars

Anthony ToddThe founder of CuteCars App is Anthony Todd, a serial entrepreneur living in Antigua and Barbuda. Anthony has just completed Y Combinator Startup School and the app is in the final stages of development. CuteCars is recruiting drivers to beta test the product and plans to be fully live in January, 2019. Drivers may apply at

“Right now I am concentrating on finding suitable drivers to help test and launch CuteCars App. If you believe in the concept please help spread the word. I’d like to be able to open an office in Florida by January. Cutears is not yet funded. That’s another opportunity for the right partners,” concludes Anthony Todd.

In Conclusion

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