No Middlemen

As part of our Driver Registration Launch we are giving US $ 450 in prizes to drivers who have the following lucky CuteCars unique id numbers.

AAAA092 …. $50
AAAA123 …. $50
AAAA167 …. $100
AAAA197 …. $100
AAAA225 …. $150

Sorry, we are a new startup and cannot afford to give everyone a signup bonus! The odds are great to win, if you hurry. The ads are free with the Promo Code: launchspecial. Free ads last 6 months. CuteCars never charges commission fees. You get the full fare.

While there is no obligation we hope you will stay after the free period. Paying ads cost less than a $1 a day. Customers are yours for life. Businesses may add up to 20 driver services vehicles on the Promo Code: launchspecial.

What is the Unique Id #?

The unique id # is the ad listing number you will get when you place a free ad listing on CuteCars using the valid Promo Code: launchspecial. The number can be used verbally to convert passengers into long term customers. Just tell them “My CuteCars number is AAAA123. Type it into the Driver Services search box”.

You can use the unique id # on printed cards’flyers, and on social networks to reach new customers. We boost selected listings on social platforms. Free ads and marketing. Wow!

Contest Terms & Conditions

  1. Sign up at
  2. The contest ends on the 15th March, 2020.
  3. The contest is only valid where legal.
  4. Entrants must qualify for and place a free or paid ad listing on CuteCars.
  5. To advertise first read the FAQ post on this blog platform.
  6. Persons who place false or duplicate ads, hack or otherwise manipulate the contest in order to win the contest will be banished, banned and called ugly things.
  7. Entrants may not correspond with CuteCars about the contest. Don’t comment below during the contest.
  8. CuteCars will pay winners through PayPal accounts only.
  9. Payment will take place by 15th June, 2020.
  10. Winners will be notified by email and congratulations will be posted in the comments below.
  11. Good Luck!