Date Night private driver

Drivers pay about 25% in commission fees to use the services of Uber or Lyft. A full time driver may be responsible for $40,000 dollars in rides a year, and go home with $30,000 in income. App cost to driver, $10,000 per year in this example.

With ‘zero commission fee ridesharing’ CuteCars App does not charge commission fees. Instead the amount is $25 a month, with the first two months free. For a full time driver that would be a saving of about $9,700 per year. Or 25% of the fare.

Can I driver for Uber/ Lyft and CuteCars?

Yes, Uber, Lyft and others are on-demand apps that help you get rides anytime you are logged on. You have no choice who you drive or your rates. Your customer doesn’t have a choice either. CuteCars is quite happy you drive for Uber or Lyft however much you like.

However, so many of our rides are regular. We commute, shop, exercise, meet and enjoy ourselves often on a schedule. CuteCars App is a person-to-person platform where customers can seek the vehicle and driver they want for the service they need.

On CuteCars you are an advertiser, free of any work restrictions of commission-charging ‘ridesharing’ apps.

Who can drive for CuteCars App?

CuteCars is designed for self-employed and motivated driver service professionals. Commercial livery insurance is the best option. We also recognize All Stage Rideshare Insurance like Geico.

Your local DMV will have rules and permits for professional driving services. As part of the process you may need to get vehicle inspection, clean driver records, airport and other permits, possibly even fingerprints and drug tests. Basically you set yourself up as a limousine type of service if you are carrying passengers.

Think of CuteCars as an advertising platform for driver services that does not restrict the age, type or style of the passenger service. We figure that if you can qualify with your local DMV and get suitably insured then you can offer your service on CuteCars. We want limos, black cars, town cars, regular cars, classics, convertibles, people carriers, buses, shuttles, coaches and tours to offer driver passenger services. We even allow non-passenger services like delivery and transportation.

We do run background checks and we also encourage customers to interview drivers for long term gigs. We actively encourage female drivers with care experience or motherhood for the transport of children.

Each driver service listing page has a comments section designed to encourage good service. We reserve the right to remove bad drivers and passengers from the service. We don’t need to be the biggest platform. We want to be the best.

What niche driver services can a driver offer?

We recommend all drivers find suitable niches to promote. We promote woman drivers for driving kids of school age. People carriers are really suited to that task.

Owners of luxury cars, classics and convertibles should consider date night offers. Delivery van owners can offer delivery gigs. Others should consider taking older folk shopping, and chores like dry cleaning delivery and collection. If you can dream it, you can offer it on CuteCars.

CuteCars App is also for commercial niches like tow trucks, shuttles, party buses, coaches, tours, furniture transportation, haulage and medical units. CuteCars is a one-stop shop for driven vehicle services or hire-with-driver services. It’s the vehicle that is offered in the location found.

What is the Unique ID # Conversion Tool?

One way to get the customer is to accept an invitation from a passenger you like when driving for another app. When a customer asks if you do private gigs, as they so often do, you could tell them you have a CuteCars App account.

CuteCars issues all driver service vehicle listings with a Unique ID # that looks something like ABCD123. It’s easy to find in driver search on You can share this verbally, on printed cards and on social media. We plan to extend the UID tool set with widgets and offers.

Why should I go through CuteCars App for a private gig?

CuteCars App has a great set of features customers love. Swipe, maps, photos, videos, comments, booking calendars, direct phone calls and chat. It’s an easy way to communicate and establish the responsibility of a driver.

Your rates and conditions of employment are transparent to the customer. They can negotiate a regular gig door-to-door offer with you. You can work offline once you have an established relationship. We suggest you stay with us for mutual benefit and the many current and future tools we will build you.

Will CuteCars App bring gigs?

Yes! CuteCars is growing a reputation for fun content and videos. As you can see we are actively promoting a zero commission fee model. Customers also want to get rid of the middleman. Customers want individual p2p service, with choice and security.

In fact, the sooner you join, the better individual service CuteCars will give you with boosts on our social channels. Many of our early drivers will get promoted as part of our broader campaign. We need drivers to be happy to spread the word.

Remember, you won’t pay anything for two months with the latest promo code (drivers1st- use by 31st May, 2019). That gives us two months to help make you money and bring you customers. No credit card, no obligation. If you stay you will pay us $25 a month.

How do drivers get paid?

Because drivers are truly independent they set their own rates and terms of service. We allow drivers to specify hourly, daily, weekly and/or monthly rates. Drivers can also indicate extras, but should include taxes. If a driver is not transparent about fees the customer may leave a bad review.

We suggest that a ‘rideshare’ driver quote similar rates to what a trip would cost on Uber or Lyft. That’s already a 25% gain for the driver. In the event the work is regular the driver should be competitive. Be reasonable and get your time slots filled.

Drivers get paid by customers directly. We recommend drivers that don’t want cash hassles get credit/ debit car readers or cash apps that are now very common. Always be clear about payment terms on your listing page.

What does a Driver Service Ad Listing look like?

Here’s an article that covers this question:

Is there a signup bonus?

We have signup prizes of $50 to $150 for certain lucky Unique Id Numbers. The odds are better than 1/25. Here’s the post:

When can I start a listing?

As soon as you have the required insurance, police record and a valid driver’s license. We want to see uploads of documents. The simplest way is to take a photo with your mobile device. CuteCars App is a web application designed to be viewed on mobile devices. No download required. For now internet access is required, with certain offline capacity currently being added (in tech speak- progressive web application service workers).

You may add up to 20 clear photos. We suggest at least some photos show driver and vehicle. CuteCars is about building relationships. You may also add a YouTube or Vimeo link. We don’t allow standard video uploads.

Allow 24-48 hours for review. We may request further documentation. If you have anything else that helps your cause, send it.

Start now at Click Add A Car- Driver Services. At the time of publication the promo code for two months free advertising is: drivers1st. This code must be activated before 31st May, 2019.

Thank you for reading this post. Please join soon and change ‘ridesharing’ as we know it.