Santa comes early

Offer Expires 25th May, 2019

~ Promo Code: flash500
~ Use Before: 25th May, 2019
~ Valid For: Free driver service vehicle ads for all of 2019
~ Limited to 500 vehicles
~ No commission fees, no credit cards, no obligations
~ Guide price for 2020 is US$ 12- US$ 25 per month, if you stay
~Users of this code are not eligible for bonus signup prizes

Which Driver Services Qualify?

‘Rideshare’ Cars
~Preferably with Uber/ Lyft or similar experience
~Rideshare All Stage Insurance like Geico
~Legal according to local DMV
~Motivated and professional

Commercial Passenger Transportation
~Limos, Cabs, Taxis, Black Cars, Town Cars, Wedding Cars, Party Buses
~Coaches, shuttles, tours and other specialty services
~Commercial Livery Insurance with Liability Coverage or similar

Commercial Driver Services
~ALL services that use vehicles and drivers
~Delivery Vans, Tow Trucks, Furniture Removals, Haulage, etc
~Relevant Commercial Insurance and Liability Coverage

What CuteCars needs to see

~Copy of Insurance. A clear smartphone photo of page 1 will do
~Copy of recent drivers record
~Copy of driver’s license
~Up to 20 clear photos. We suggest driver appears in some pictures.
~Video link optional. Must be posted to YouTube or Vimeo first.

What We Pledge to You

~No restrictions will be placed on where else you work or advertise
~We will never replace you with autonomous vehicles
~We will treat you with the respect you deserve
~We will never charge you commission fees
~We will ask you what you would like to see built to improve
~More marketing tools like the Unique ID #
~You will get Founder Member privileges if you stay
~If we crowdfund or IPO later you will get preferential treatment
~Any special treatment given to members starts with you

What We Expect From You

~Be legally compliant and adequately insured
~Understand that you are an advertiser, not an employee
~Be professional and courteous to customers
~Run a clean vehicle when transporting passengers
~Work with us to build the best direct p2p driver network
~Consider giving back on social media and in the press

Ready to Join?

Okay, you’ve read the posts on this blog. You understand the concept and tools. You have documents, photos and YouTube links ready. Great!

~To post go to, click Add Cars- Driver Services.
~Under free ads post promo code: flash500. Click submit.
~Fill in the form and upload docs.
~We will run some checks and get back to you as soon as we can.
~Remember the code will expire on 25th May, 2019.

Thank you for your time reading this article.