No Middlemen

There is a new kid on the block looking to shake up the rideshare market. CuteCars App is an advertising platform where drivers get gigs directly from customers, and never pay commission.

Avoid High Commission Rates

It is estimated that Uber, Lyft and other rideshare companies charge 25%- 30% commission on most rides. With hidden prices and Surge the commission fees may be even higher. CuteCars App will eventually charge a flat fee of $25.00 a month. But for now its free. CuteCars will NEVER charge commission.

Set Your Own Rates and Rules

CuteCars is a DIY advertising platform and you truly work for yourself. You are expected to set your own guide rates per hour, or longer. You can also set parameters for mileage, hours and additional costs. The final price will be the price the rider and you agree upon.

Why CuteCars is better for Riders

Finally riders can find and use a regular driver they trust for frequent trips like commuting, mom’s taxi, and shopping. They can also find the right car or limo for one-off gigs like date night, weekend excursions and picnics. Actually, CuteCars is open to every vehicle driven service including buses, vans and trucks.

CuteCars is a book-ahead service and won’t replace Uber or Lyft for those immediate trips. However you can now have your own private driver with a cool attitude, clean car and at a great rate.

Just Good Vibes

Insurance Requirement and Strict Policies

Drivers must have a vehicle insurance policy that covers either commercial operation or ridesharing. We accept commercial insurance, livery insurance, rideshare insurance and rideshare endorsements that cover periods 1, 2 and 3. Please check with your insurance provider to make sure you are covered for private passengers if you do not have a commercial vehicle insurance or livery policy. We also require that you have adequate liability coverage attached to your policy. We check policies and exclude drivers that are not adequately covered.

Drivers also need to be street legal where they operate before they can advertise on CuteCars. Each car details page has a comment section and we may suspend or ban drivers reported for dirty cars and poor service. However we also do not tolerate  passengers who are abusive, drunk or obnoxious. Our mission is to build the best ‘rideshare’ service, not the largest!

Summing up- fewer drivers, more choice, better rates, better service, safety for the whole family, and reliable service. When you get a customer they are yours for life, on and off the platform.

Free Marketing and Tools

It’s the vehicle that is listed in the location it is found. Each ad gets a unique id # which can be given to passengers and shared on social media. In addition early drivers will get special marketing attention. CuteCars will promote drivers in newsletters and on social media.

6 Months Free Ads for Driver Testers

Drivers, do you want to help us launch and test CuteCars? We will give you 6 months free ads and marketing help in exchange for being first on board. Remember, the early bird get’s the worm!

We are almost complete and hope to list drivers from December. Drivers, please complete the form. Passengers, sign up for the newsletter in the right column and we’ll notify you when we launch.

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CuteCars Staff