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What is CuteCars Driver Services?

CuteCars App is a Direct P2P Platform for self-employed drivers and fleets to get gigs directly from the public. CuteCars is designed to encourage driver and customer relationships and regular rides.

CuteCars App is designed for mobile devices and makes full use of easy search, fast swipe, maps, booking calendars (optional), comments, direct call and chat.

Phone Calls and Chat Messaging Direct to You

Only registered members can call or chat. You will get the phone call to your private number or switchboard, direct from the customer’s mobile phone.

Customers can also send chat messages which will go to your CuteCars App notification inbox. A chat notice will also be emailed to you so you don’t have to be online. Chat is the preferred first contact method the millennial generation and mobile-first users.

Zero Commission Fees; Free Ads [Promo Code]

CuteCars App never charges commission fees. You charge your rates and keep all the fees. Save 15%- 40% in commission fees.

CuteCars App provides advanced services yet will give you from 2- 8 months free ads with Promo Codes. No credit card; no obligation. If you decide to stay the charge will be US$ 12.50 pm for two months, thereafter the subscription is US$ 25 per month. Cancel anytime you like. Start soon because we reserve the right to amend offerings.

Current Promo Codes

We have two current promo codes on offer. As promo codes expire it’ll depend on when you read and act on this post.

Promo Code: flash500
Offers: 8 months of free ads, no obligation
Use Code Before: 23rd May, 2019
Never to be repeated. Limited to 500 units. Launch Special.

Promo Code: drivers1st
Offers: 2 months of free ads, no obligations
Use Code Before: 31st May, 2019
Active code if you miss the first opportunity

Why are we doing this? Because we can. We see an opportunity to compete against commission fee gouging with a direct book-ahead model. Our version is cheaper to run because the customer is direct to you, and you do your own insurance, permitting, fee collection and customer service.

Ready? Place an ad at https://cutecars.mobi.

Which Driver Services can place free ads?

Commercial Drivers
~ CDL/ TLC (New York) or similar non-metered taxi or livery license
~ Commercial Livery or similar insurance required by local DMV
~ Adequate liability coverage as required by law
~ Driver and Vehicle checks as mandated by the local DMV
~ Airport permits and other permits to operate
~ Be legal and up to date

Luxury Cars- Town Cars- Limousines- Uber Black- Uber SUV- Taxis- Cabs- Wedding Cars & Classics- Mini Buses/ People Carriers MVP- Party Buses- Buses- Coaches

TNC Drivers
~ All Stage Rideshare Insurance like Geico
~ Adequate liability coverage as required by law
~ Driver and Vehicle checks as mandated by the local DMV
~ Airport permits and other permits to operate
~ Be legal and up to date

Vehicles as mandated by the local DMV. This option is only for those authorities which give access to TNC Drivers for private gigs outside of TNC operation. Consult with your DMV to see if you qualify.

Commercial Driver Services- No Passenger
~ CDL Licensing as required by local DMV
~ Mandated Commercial Insurance
~ Mandated liability coverage
~Any other checks and permits as required by law

Although this is not the scope of this post we’d like tell you that ALL driver services are covered, provided they are insured and road legal. Here are some examples of driver services encouraged.

Delivery Vans- Furniture Trucks- Tow Trucks- Pickup Services- Medical Services- Haulage Services L, XL and XXL.

Disclaimer & Warning

CuteCars App is an advertising platform. We are not employers or a TNC. However we have an acceptance and moderation policy. We review insurance, licenses and driver records. We may request further records. We also adequately inform users that they have responsibilities to review offers.

In the event we discover an advertiser is not acting legally we will remove the adverts and ban them from the service. We have a comments section for reviews and we will caution, suspend or ban driver services for dirty cars, loud music and general poor service. Also, for your peace we also ban bad passengers.

Inspectors troll our app. Do not advertise if you are not legally compliant. We will not be supportive.

Give us a chance to build what you want

It’s our mission to be the best driver service platform. We will officially launch soon with more marketing and fun ways to promote CuteCars.

We are always innovating with services like the Unique ID #, a conversion tool for Uber/ Lyft drivers, Request-A-Quote which is a way customers can get us to help find a service we don’t have, and the Booking Calendar with which you can switch off ads for days a vehicle is not available.

We want to build long term partnerships, not replace you with autonomous vehicles. So, please place an ad soon. Then tell us how we can improve. Remember when you were new in your business?

Thanks for your time. Advertise at https://cutecars.mobi.