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Be Legal

Firstly, CuteCars Driver Services is designed for legal operators of all sizes. As regulations differ by location the responsibility is the advertisers to be legally compliant. However CuteCars will remove an advert if we prove an advertiser is not legal. We ask for insurance and driver records initially and may request further proof.

So, depending where you live you may need commercial insurance matching your vehicle use, full period rideshare insurance (like Geico), liability coverage, roadworthy permit, transportation permits, airport permits, and business licences. You may have been required to take drug tests and even fingerprints.

While you may get past us, inspectors troll the site and if you get caught you may get taken off the road. So, it’s better to head off to the DVM and get your livelihood sorted.

Offer Great Service

CuteCars aims to be a superior book-ahead service. The customer is looking for a driver they can trust to carry out the service in an exemplary manner. Basically, you are competing for customers with other driver services in your area. A good condition, clean vehicle, clean and courteous driver are considered essential. Rocking up late, playing your own music loud and being disrespectful will likely not resonate well with most people.

Each driver services detail page has a moderated comments section. Passengers/ users can point out your faults to others. Getting a bad reputation will obviously work against you. We reserve the right to suspend bad actors, including drunk or rowdy passengers.

Be Individual

However you don’t need to be a clone. We encourage all sorts of passenger rides: Classics, Convertibles, Old Favorites, Hot Rods, Mom’s Taxi, Limos, SUVs and new cars. For commercial services we are fine with all sorts of character showing through.

We suggest you upload photos and videos which show off your vehicle and include you. Some people are going to make choices based on who you are.

Consider a Niche

Commercial driver services are often niche already- tow trucks, furniture removal and haulage. But you can come up with some novel ways to do business. One example is a round trip service to take household items to self-storage and back again. Neat idea.

We encourage collections and deliveries. Drop off and pick up dry cleaning, for instance. You can even build yourself an hourly shopping service or pick up an elder person and take them shopping.

We encourage women drivers to work with families. Help after school driving the kids to practice, for example. What about Date Night cruises, weekend drives and picnics? Commute shuttles are welcome. Tours too.

If it’s legal, it’s possible on CuteCars App.

Use your Unique Id #

We came up with a neat trick. Every ad listing has a unique identification number like ABCD123. This number is all that is needed to search for an individual’s vehicle page.

Verbally you’d say: “You can contact me on CuteCars. My unique id # is ABCD123.”

Do you have social media accounts like facebook, twitter or instagram? Promote https://cutecars.mobi and your unique id #. Hint: you can spend as little as $10 to boost your post and reach new customers. When doing that you can select your geographical location. Tell your friends to help spread the word.

Sure, you could go direct but with CuteCars you don’t have to explain everything again and again. We also hide phone numbers and email addresses. Only members with a code of conduct can reach you directly.

If you want you can include the unique id # on a personal business card. You can usually get a 100 printed for about $10. However be careful not to offend your employers.

Let’s hear from you!

We’d like this post to be a dynamic post. We’ll add ideas to this post. You can contribute my adding comments below. Let’s work together to build a great driver services community.

Not yet advertised your driver service? Go to https://cutecars.mobi. Promo Code: drivers1st . Use the code before 31st May, 2019.

CuteCars Staff