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CuteCars App is a p2p platform where drivers and customers meet. It’s an ad listing site for self-employed drivers to get gigs directly from the public. We are taking rideshare out of the on-demand realm where passengers get no choice of car and driver. Instead we help customers meet the perfect match for regular gigs like commuting, mom’s taxi after school, shopping, and even delivery chores.

Rideshare Apps Prohibit Unaccompanied Kids

CuteCars does not approve of strangers driving unaccompanied kids either. Local laws may even prevent rideshare apps and taxis from child transportation. Parents have been arrested and charged for abandonment!

We advocate woman drivers for kid transportation, although it’s better to always have an adult present. It’s simple really. Very few woman are convicted of sex crimes with minors.

However we insist families interview lady drivers carefully and establish if they are fit to care for children. A care qualified babysitter, driving mother or experienced lady may be an ideal candidate for a private driver working for a family.


Even with parental permission it could ruin your life if something goes wrong. Consider asking a lawyer friend to help you write up a contract if you become a regular driver/ helper.

Please note that CuteCars is an advertising platform and the responsibility of gig employment rests with the customer and advertiser. That said CuteCars App will check vehicle insurance, driver’s license and driver’s records.

Requirements to Advertise as a Private Driver

As a self-employed person you need your own vehicle, likely with experience of ridesharing or private transportation. For kids rides you need to meet parents expectations.

The minimum vehicle insurance requirement is an all-stage rideshare insurance (like Geico), although a commercial livery license is perfect. It is important to follow local laws. Contact your local DMV to find out what steps you need to take to be a private driver. Certain authorities require car inspections, drug testing, fingerprints and airport permits. Always be legal.

We will check your driver’s license and ask for a driver’s record from your DMV. You have may already had to get a copy for your recent insurance policy. We reserve the right to seek more documentation.

Niche Ideas for Woman Drivers

Women and men are welcome to offer any legal driver service on CuteCars App. For mom’s taxi a ‘people carrier’ would be attractive for the after school run. You may be able to meet the needs of a couple of families in this way. Regular commuting and dropping off kids at school is a great idea.

Why not consider shopping, collections and deliveries too. There are plenty of older folk who would like to be collected and driven to the shops too. Consider dropping off and collecting dry cleaning and other driver based chores.

Free later at night? Females working nights often feel at risk from regular rideshare drivers. You’re bound to find regular work like this. Some men prefer being driven by woman. That’s your choice too.

Further Details

On CuteCars drivers set hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rates. These are guide prices. We suggest you quote approximately what a person might pay for an Uber ride. Settle in for a fair rate for regular work. Remember, there are no commission fees on CuteCars. That’s a saving of about 25%, which is what the rideshare companies gouge from you.

We don’t prevent you from driving for Uber or Lyft. What you do is your business. We provide a Unique ID # that helps you convert passengers to customers. Use it verbally, on business cards and in social media.

Promo Code: drivers1st

Here’s a gift. Two months free with the promo code. The code must be used before 31st May, 2019. No credit card, no obligation. If you decide to stay the rate is US$ 25 pm. CuteCars never charges commission fees.

Thanks for your time. We hope you join us soon.