The CuteCars App is 95% complete. So, it’s not yet launched, proven or otherwise considered a secure investment. But if you are a brave adventurer with a nose for extreme profit then you should consider this opportunity. Your funds will be used for company consolidation and marketing.

Seed Funding: Asking US $ 500,000
Equity: Asking 10% Equity

Offer Expires: 15th October, 2018

The offer is only on the table for the summer for various reasons. So, if you are interested in cutting a deal I would like to hear from you asap. I will reply to accredited investors with an Executive Summary.

I really don’t want to waste your time so I respectively submit that this investment would suit investors with the following attributes:

  • Comfortable with online marketplace startups.
  • Like cars and see the potential of mobility services.
  • Understand the disruptive nature of free and low costs ads (zero commission).
  • Understand the value of loyalty reward tokens, cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • Will invest in a startup based in Antigua and Barbuda, Puerto Rico or Florida.
  • Appreciate our global management and partnership structure needs.
  • Want to help build a billion dollar technology company.

Thank You,

Anthony Todd

Founder CEO