Drivers: Join Now!

CuteCars App is launching Driver Services at CuteCars is an ad listing platform that works like a store app, but without the need to download. Magic! Superior features include one-page search, swipe, videos, maps, booking calendars, comments, direct call and chat.

Driver Services (No Commission Fees)

CuteCars is an ad listing platform where drivers get gigs directly from the public and never pay commission fees. We help drivers and customers build relationships without middlemen like Uber or Lyft. Save more than 25%!

It’s the vehicle that is advertised in the location it is found. Any suitably insured and roadworthy vehicle of any age, anywhere may be offered at rates set by the owner. Includes car, bus, shuttle, limo, van, and truck services. No bikes.

CuteCars moderates access and behavior while playing no role as an employer. We are an ad listing platform. All driver services get a free trial period. Make money on us!

Promo Code: drivers1st

CuteCars invites drivers to list vehicles with the above promo code. But hurry, the above promo code expires on 31st March, 2019. An advert must be placed by then. The free ad listing will last two months. We won’t ask for your credit card number and you are not obliged to stay on. Standard rates are $25 per month. No commission fees are ever charged.

Insurance & Permits Required

To qualify you need a commercial vehicle insurance or rideshare insurance covering periods 1,2 and 3. We accept Geico Rideshare Insurance. Unsure? Contact your insurance agent. CuteCars does not offer or sell insurance.

CuteCars is designed for self-employed drivers and fleets that have the necessary permits to operate the driver service in the location advertised. Contact your local DMV for details.

You’ll need a clean drivers record and no criminal or sex offender history. Do not advertise if you are not legal on the road. Inspectors troll our site. We check records.

Need to Learn More?

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CuteCars Staff