Management Partners

The following equity partners are needed to build and manage teams in Florida, USA.

Creative Director (CMO)

Extremely talented and experienced head of marketing CMO. You will need a startup, marketing or ad agency history with in-depth experience of digital marketing, social media and viral video mastery. You’ll also have a knack for creating low cost guerrilla marketing tactics and ways to build a brand.

Apart from a hands-on skill expected in a start-up position you’ll help select and oversee a team of content writers, graphic artists and assistants locally, as well as freelancers abroad. As an equity partner you are part of the management team running the company, in charge of your own team and with general management duties. A marketing degree and a creative portfolio are essential to apply. The negotiated package could include limited free hours in the pre-funding stage, a generous salary and vested equity that will likely make you rich.

BlockChain Financial Director (CFO)

You are a financial strategist with a good understanding of blockchains, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, D-Apps, whitepapers, ICO’s and loyalty reward tokens. An essential part of your job will be to raise investments and manage investors, and legal, accredited investor token sales. The blockchain team leader will report to you.

As CFO it will be your duty to monitor the health of the cryptocurrency and the company in general. You have a strong financial degree, perhaps with an MBA or similar. Understanding online startups will help you secure this position. The negotiated package could include limited free hours in the pre-funding stage, a generous salary and vested equity that will likely make you rich.

Technology Director (CTO)

This position has been filled.

Technology Department

Preference will be given to candidates living in Tampa, Florida, USA and Puerto Rico. All jobs will start as temporary positions. When candidates have successfully completed assignments and been assessed they may be offered full time positions. Part time rates are competitive and full time positions will include inclusion in an employee equity pool.

AngularJS Developer

We need an expert level AngularJS Developer to help build and maintain current and future versions of CuteCars App. Advanced skills must include pure AngularJS, Javascript, Asychronous Programming using Promises, Angular Design, JSON, Firebase Web API, Git, Html, HTML 5, NodeJS, Node Packaging, Gulp and Bower. Working knowledge is required of CSS, Sass and Firebase. Be prepared to be involved in an exciting new startup and to work on a range of new mobile apps and bots. Candidates must have their own development environment and tools to work remotely. A strong work ethic is essential.

Front End Developer

We need a skilled User Experience (UX) Designer for the CuteCars web application and associated supporting apps. The job entails maintenance and building of current and future apps CSS and Styling. Raw CSS is being migrated to Sass, supporting apps are in a number of frameworks in a NodeJS environment, and hosted on Firebase. You should be expert in CSS, Sass, Git, Html, Html5, Client side field validations and general UX best practises. You should have working knowledge of Javascript, Node/NPM, Gulp, Bower and Firebase. Candidates must be able to work remotely and have a strong work ethic.

Smart Contract Developer

We are looking for an experienced Solidity Developer who has worked on the Ethereum Platform, and deployed numerous smart contracts. You should have experience with wallets, smart contracts and other platforms like Stellar Network and EOS. The more versatile your skills are, the better. While the initial work will be by contract we hope to create a full time position for you  in 2019. Candidates must be equipped to work remotely and be able to complete work in a timely and flawless manner.

In Conclusion

If you feel you have the guts and adventure to join a startup that plans to make history then complete the form. If you want a salary, and equity with absolutely no risk then please don’t reply. We will reply with job application details. Please be ready to respond with a covering letter, resume/ cv and photograph.

Thank You,

Anthony Todd

Founder CEO