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Useful Tips for CuteCars Driver Services Advertisers

Just Good Vibes Chauffeur opens car door

Be Legal Firstly, CuteCars Driver Services is designed for legal operators of all sizes. As regulations differ by location the responsibility is the advertisers to be legally compliant. However CuteCars will remove an advert if we prove an advertiser is not legal. We ask for insurance and driver records initially and may request further proof…

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Insurance and Legal Requirements to advertise on CuteCars Driver Services

About CuteCars CuteCars is an online ad listing platform where drivers get gigs directly from the public and never pay commission. CuteCars is not an employer, TNC or similar. Drivers advertising on CuteCars are expected to obey local laws and act professionally towards customers. Are you a Commercial Driver? A commercial driver is a driver..

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Can this Startup Disrupt the Rideshare Commission Fee Model?

One startup contends that the drivers are being exploited by rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft charging outrageous commission fees on fares. While the actual share the transportation network companies take of fares is hidden most industry observers believe the average is above 25%. “Fees that TNC’s charge drivers are outrageous and add a burden to..

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How Uber and Lyft Drivers can earn 25% more with Private Gigs

There is a new kid on the block looking to shake up the rideshare market. CuteCars App is an advertising platform where drivers get gigs directly from customers, and never pay commission. Avoid High Commission Rates It is estimated that Uber, Lyft and other rideshare companies charge 25%- 30% commission on most rides. With hidden..

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