CuteCars App,, has been in ‘beta’ while we accept driver registration applications and prepare for launch. Unfortunately some code bugs have meant that drivers registration has been halted for now.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. We should have the app fixed next week.

You may have planned to use the promo code: drivers1st which expires on the 31st May. We will post another promo code on this blog in early June, giving you ample time to place ads.

To advertise your driver service you need:

  • A commercial vehicle insurance with liability coverage 
  • OR an all-stage Rideshare Insurance (Geico)
  • A clean drivers record and a copy of you license for review
  • To be road legal according to your local DMV. You may require tests, permits, permissions depending where you live and your service. 
  • To be courteous and offer a professional service. 

Read some of the many posts so long about the benefits of our p2p direct driver to customer platform. No middlemen, no commission fees. 

Any questions? Use the chat platform. 

Best Wishes,

Anthony Todd

CuteCars App Founder